Road & Rail Trip Switzerland · 2021

Liestal · Taubenloch Gorge · Bern · Areuse Gorge · Lucerne · Vierwaldstättersee · Berglistüber Falls · Viamala Gorge · Lake Cauma · Zermatt · Matterhorn · St. Moritz · Glacier Express · Zermatt · Staubbach Falls · Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau · Liestal

June 5, 2021

Icy Fire on the Matterhorn and Dream Trip Glacier Express.

"There's the Matterhorn!" I shout enthusiastically as we drive.

We have already had a long day's drive from Switzerland’s Graubünden to Zermatt and the sinking red sun is already starting to play hide-and-seek between the snowy mountain peaks on the horizon. I wave my camera around with excitement. But then I realize it is not the Matterhorn at all.

How we finally found it, how we accidentally wound up on a vertical training trail for mountaineers, and how we ended up on a small, but enchanting glacier lake, you will find out in the second part of my travel report about our two-week road trip through Switzerland.

In addition, we were able to ride on the first trip of the season with the world-famous Glacier Express, looked at a waterfall plunging down 975 feet as a cow watched us and stood eye to eye with the peaks of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

May 22, 2021

A Giant's Kettle and an Island in the Alps.

"Hi, we need the sticker," I say. "Um ... I mean the vignette." For a moment I am not sure whether I accidentally said Viennetta. Like a the famous German ice cream. But it does not really matter, because the guy at the cash register speaks some undecipherable southern German Schwitzer dialect, I so it is all Greek to me, and my boyfriend speaks only English. Nobody fully understands anything the others are saying, but in the end the sticker somehow winds up on the windshield. We are ready to go!

Two weeks of road trip through Switzerland! Now comes the tale of the first part of our journey, from a surreal fountain in Bern, to medieval street art in Lucerne, to a gorge with one eye.

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