Short Trip Luxembourg · 2021

April 10, 2021

Hiking Luxembourg: Gorges and Waterfalls in the Mullerthal.

My idea of the small country of Luxembourg was something like this: a country three miles long, three miles wide, with a church, a castle, and four trees.

But when we arrive in the popular hiking region Mullerthal, there is nothing with just four trees. So yes, they have four trees. But they are inside a huge forest, in which is hidden watery springs discharging turquoise water from limestone rocks, rocky gorges into which you can descend on iron ladders, ferns that dangle like vines from slopes, and bridges that lead through magical river valleys made of stone labyrinths. I will take you to a weeping rock, a three-jet waterfall, and to a dark robber's cave near Hell.

March 28, 2021

Luxembourg: Small Capital – Great Wonders.

Massive cliffs encircle the city, where a green river winds amongst the shimmering sun-drenched golden buildings far below. Over a bridge created long ago with Romanesque huge arches, a colorful train speeds along, looking as tiny as a model railway. We are in Luxembourg. More specifically, in Luxembourg City. The capital of the country has exactly the same name as the country itself. Here comes how we almost didn't get into the city and found that you really miss something if you try to just blow off Luxembourg as a small, lame country.

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