Roadtrip New Zealand · 2024

Christchurch · Queenstown · Fiordland National Park · Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park · Auckland · Rotorua · Tongrariro National Park · Glowworm Caves


May 4, 2024

South Island: Blue Fjords, red Lakes and white Nights.

Twelve hours from Frankfurt to Singapore, a two-hour layover, and then another ten hours from Singapore to Christchurch. We boarded the plane sometime late on March 31, beamed through a wormhole of eleven time zones and came back to daylight on the other side of the world on April 2. In the morning, of course, so that you don't get the idea that you can finally sleep.

Looking out the airplane window, I see colorful autumn leaves. Weren’t the trees just starting their springtime budding when we took off? Jeez, have we been in the air that long?

Joking, of course. New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere, where the seasons are diametrically opposed to those in the northern hemisphere. At least I still seem to know what “diametrically” means.

Come with us to the forests of hanging moss in Fiordland National Park, to red lakes, to disappearing glaciers and to a place where the Milky Way shines like a sea of glitter. And then there's that thing with the windshield wiper...

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