Winter Trip Wyoming · 2020

Wyoming, Montana

March 7, 2020

ice in the canyon and a tattoo for eternity.

Ice and snow. I know those things from Germany, every time I order a banana split or defrost the freezer. I look at my calendar. If I don’t visit my boyfriend during Wyoming’s February, I won’t see him for a long time. But if I do go in February, I will probably be airlifted to the Mayo Clinic with moderate frostbite and icicles dripping from my eyes and nose. The temperature will occasionally drop to minus five degrees Fahrenheit between October and April.So I put my bits and pieces into my pack and off I go. Off to tinkling ice floes a thousand feet below me, a hike in the snow in which my legs almost fell off, and an eternal symbol that causes all wedding rings to pale by comparison.

February 22, 2020

In the Eye of the Bison: Riding a Snowmobile in Yellowstone.

Snowmobiling in Yellowstone

They close the roads in Yellowstone National Park. In the winter. Just because. Because it's snowing! Do they think the park is made of sugar and will melt?

However, I never wait until things happen to me, but instead I make things happen. After three days my boyfriend and I find out you can rent a snowmobile on a guided tour through the park. Who could have known that this day would be one of the most beautiful days of my life? That I could almost touch a coyote and I would watch majestic bison with golden fur trudge through the snow just two yards away. Life is not tomorrow or twenty years from now. It is now.

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