Road Rail Trip Italy · 2018

Milan · La Spezia · Cinque Terre · Gorges of the Straits of Giaredo · Pisa · Florence · Tuscany · Naples · Amalfi Coast · Vesuvius · Herculaneum · Capri

December 2, 2018

5 Exciting and Beautiful Nature Experiences in Italy.

Nature experiences in Italy

Cypresses are standing in front of the window looking like tin soldiers. They seem to be watching closely what I'm going to do with the wine list. First of all I try to hold it not upside down to not look like a total fool.

But don't worry: even without alcohol, Tuscany is beautiful - and is therefore one of my five favourite nature experiences in Italy, along with a volcano, an adventurous river hiking trail, a picturesque coast and a jewel-island!

September 23, 2018

Cinque Terre: The Truth about the Colorful Villages.

Cinque Terre, lonelyroadlover

The blue sky of Düsseldorf disappears and a grey pudding of clouds pushes into my sight. I'm staring out the scratched airplane window. Let's run from the cold and foggy German autumn and go to Italy! Yay.

Shortly before we arrive in Milan, it comes the total break down. I'm not lying. The plane swings, the wind blows - and suddenly we just drop a few feet. A stormy start to our two-week road-rail trip through Italy, followed by even more rain, awesome views of the Cinque Terre and the hike of death.

September 18, 2018

Florence And Naples: Beauty and the Beast.

Florenz, lonelyroadlover

The train shoots through Tuscany, past dark green cypress trees that are rising like candles into the blue sky. Small stone houses lie on the tops of golden hills and the classic patterns of vineyards flow across the slopes.  We take the train from La Spezia via Pisa to Florence. There it is still pleasantly warm in mid-September and a bronze shimmer spreads over the entire city. What I don't know yet: Only a few days later we will arrive in Naples and get a hard slap in our face.

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