Canada Escape Trip · 2020

April 15, 2020

24-14: Quarantine with my Love in the Wilderness of Canada.

At home outdoors. That is the motto of a German clothing manufacturer that sells bright yellow outdoor-jackets so people can go on a leisurely Sunday afternoon stroll through a city park and feel like a true explorer. But for my boyfriend and me, it is more of a maxim for life. We are always outside: in the mountains, in big cities, at the seashore. The only thing that counts is the sun on our faces and the wind in our hair.

Suddenly the coronavirus appeared, and with it began my wild escape to Canada. Where quarantine was waiting. With all of this we set out on a fascinating experiment in our relationship that spans two continents and was always defined by travel, road trips, and long hikes and not by "stay home".

April 5, 2020

Covid-007 and the Love of my Life: to Canada overnight.

Traffic is humming on the street. I am sitting next to my dad in the car. It’s four o‘clock in the afternoon as I turn on the radio in the car. “Germany is now closing its borders with the neighboring countries of Switzerland, France, and Austria,” says the announcer’s voice.
In a week, my boyfriend and I are supposed to meet for a two-week road trip in Iceland. He is American. I am German. But then came the coronavirus. And it was getting closer. Every day it crept just a bit closer.

An hour later, I am home. It is dark. I tear my suitcase out from my closet,  applying for a Canadian visa online within 20 minutes, and then book a flight to Vancouver, Canada.

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