Homecoming with Fireworks, Thunder & Tears.

July 31, 2017

Blogger dancing in front of the skyline of Chicago
Last dance in front on Chicago

It was pouring like hell. The air was just white. Thick white fog. I tried to guess where the gas station might be. It was on my GPS but I was not able to see anything at all. After I found it I found out that my credit card was not working there and I only had $ 5 cash left. Thunder was rumbling so loud that the asphalt seemed to shake. I was back in Chicago! The city I loved so much. And it seemd to celebrate the end of my trip with a great firework of chaos and storm. Goodbye, USA!

Finally, I found a gas station to fill my tank for the last time. And even the rain stopped. My fingers ran across the steering wheel while I was waiting at the traffic light. “Only 15 minutes left”, I whispered to the car. “I’m bringing you home.”
It was just a car. And together we were driving towards the traffic chaos of Downtown Chicago. The buildings grew taller and I could see the reflections of frazzled, black clouds in the glass fronts of the first skyscrapers.

Say Goodbye to your Friend

Rental car GMC in Grand Teton USA
My buddy (at Grand Teton National Park)

After some detours I reached the rental car station. Keep in mind: It’s always great fun to drive several times around the block because you missed this one and only street you had to find. Squeezed by the narrow roads and one way signs while you are haunted by the ambulance while twenty other cars are honking like shit.


I entered the underground parking. Two people from the staff came towards me to check the car. I stayed inside. I was not able to get out. Not after all that time. Suddenly it was hard to breathe and 1 million memories fell from my brain through my throat into my stomach. “It’s a little emotional for me now“, I explained quietly. The guys looked at each other puzzled.
I took a long look at the speedometer. 7350 miles. The car and me. Together. We survived the deadly heat of the desert, big storms and heavy rain. We had a little incident with a spike and an engine oil exchange. I took care. And he took care of all my stuff. Of me. Always. Reliable. He stood by my side from the East Coast to the West Coast and back again. All the way on my crazy trip. This trip that even left 60 year old Americans in amazement. My travel buddy.
When I stepped into the elevator to leave the building I was looking for my keys. Then I started to cry a little.

Skyline of Chicago and why Chicago is better than New York

Route 66 - Back to the Start

Back to the beginning of Route 66 in Chicago
"New hair" because I spent days and days under the sun

I spent two more days in Chicago. I didn’t need a map anymore. Everything looked so familiar. Like I had been there yesterday. I took a break at the sign that marked the beginning of Route 66. And suddenly everything seemed to shrink. Time. Distances. The trip. Me. Have I really done this crazy shit? Was it real? Tourists were running around me like in time lapse. Nobody knew where I had been. I smiled. Nobody knew. But every mile and every second was preserved in my heart and shining brighter than the sun.


The next day I was standing at the airport. When the plane took of I had a beautiful view on the skyline of Chicago from above. Tears came to my eyes. “Goodbye”, I said moved. Round about twelve hours later – after a stopover in London – the plane was landing in Düsseldorf, Germany. I could see the Rhine River. The wings were nearly touching the first houses and trees. And again I had tears in my eyes. I was coming home. I never laughed, cried, danced, swore and wondered as much as I did over the past four months in my entire life. I never lived so hard and fulfilled before. No line on the horizon – forever!

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