Rail Trip Eastern Europe · 2019

Vienna · Budapest · Prague · Berlin

January 5, 2020

Prague & Berlin: Between Full Moon and Cold War.

Prague. I've been here once before, a hundred years ago. When hell was frozen over and I went to high school. My fiance and I are on a rail trip across Eastern Europe. We did already hang upside down from the evening sky of Vienna and wandererd through the misty alleys of Budapest. The second part of our trip takes us to Prague and Berlin. To astronomical clocks, dancing houses, glass domes and the wall that once divided Germany into two countries. At a time when Germans and Americans were not yet kissing in Hungarian trains by confusing star-tattooed mothers.

December 29, 2019

Vienna & Budapest: Headfirst into the Old World.

Düsseldorf. The sun sets like a golden coin by leaving pink, red and yellow stripes in the sky like the layers of a piece of cake. This is my last big trip of the year. A rail trip through Eastern Europe. With my love that I haven't seen since two months. Coming from two different ends of the world. This is the beginning of a wonderful journey to silver castles, bridges in the fog, mysterious coffee houses and the most wonderful Christmas time of my life.

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