My Childhood Dream.

Blogger at the seaside, sundown
Hello there! Let's go on a trip!

INTO THE WILD! I’ve quit my job and packed my cases to live my childhood dream: I’m going to travel the entire USA for 4 months starting in April. Solo, adventurous and without any obligation. 16.000 miles are laying ahead by plane, bus and car. Frost and heat up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Big cities, high mountains, National Parks, oceans and deserts.

Ghost towns are waiting as well as tornadoes, grizzly bears, engine blow-ups in the middle of nowhere - and there’s also my personal fear of flying. I say hello, here I am. I’ll show respect but I won’t move back one single step.


I’m looking for high mountains and great architecture, never sleeping streets and never ending roads kissing the horizon. A sky full of stars, blues music in the dust, interesting encounters and talks, weird people and a country full of contrariety and curiosities.


I’ll be hosted by black, white, thick, thin and dotted people. By airbnb, motels and campgrounds. I will laugh and I will cry. And I will take thousands of photographs and write it all down.


Wish me all the best. And one thing you should know for sure: I was that kid writing on bathroom doors in my school „Don’t dream your life. Live your dreams“. I've always meant what I said. I’d rather be beaten down by a tornado than dying bored at the age of 63 after 40 years of stupid work.


Let the adventure begin!

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