Caribbean Trip Aruba · 2020

11. Oktober 2020

Flamingo Beach and Tropical Storms - Treasure Island Aruba.

Flamingo Island Caribbean, Aruba

Aruba—Just what is it, really? An island in the Caribbean where a coconut falls into your banana shake? I did not know much more about it when I discovered that Aruba is currently a loophole. It is a pathway for all those who want to travel to the United States with their partner and who need to bypass the US border closures for Europeans.

Here are the things I learned not from a book, but in reality: if you cycle six miles to a mountain, a tropical storm breaks out; half of the island is accessible only by off-road vehicles; and the flamingos are so big that they can nip your shoulder. Here come my crazy and surprising adventures on the treasure island of Aruba with several tips for planning your own journey.


September 25, 2020

Flight to Aruba: Adventure with Smoke on the Airplane.

Flight to Aruba, border closures, loophole separated couples, EU and USA

Very slowly, the day turns to night as I stare at the runway through the window in the airplane. We should already be there, but we have not even taken off yet. My face feels as wet as a dripping sponge because I've been wearing a mask for 16 hours, the shrink-wrapped cheese roll on my dinner tray looks like it's about to run away, and I'm sitting on a broken airplane for the second time today. The reason of my trip: As soon as I am out of Schengen area for 14 days, I can enter the USA to see my boyfriend. At least that is how several other couples have done it successfully.

However, because of the almost universal border closures in the world, there are only a handful of countries which would allow me to enter for these 14 days. One of them is Aruba. How horrible. I have to spend 14 days in the Caribbean! What actually turns out to be horrible, however, is my journey. More of that now.

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