Arrival: Lost in the Metro System of NYC.

April 5, 2017

Blogger in New York City
First day in New York City
It’s 6 am at Düsseldorf Airport. Thick fog is hanging in the air and the plane has to wait for the sky to clear up. I’m feeling very mixed up because of family and friends I’m going to leave behind for 4 months. Then I’m off to my first stop – London Heathrow. I haven't booked a nonstop flight because it was much cheaper (hundreds of dollars!) to take a connecting flight. So check this out before you’re booking a long-distance flight (if you don’t care about some more hours of travelling).
50 Minutes later I'm arriving at Heathrow and everything works out perfectly. The luggage is checked through and I only have to wait for 3 more hours. Then I'm entering a huge plane. You can have a party in there or smuggle elephants! Although I’ve got fear of flying the flight is perfectly fine. Maybe I'm starting to forget about my fear because it feels more like riding on a big train. Or 7 hours are simply too long to be worried constantly. Lovely! A long-distance flight killed my fear of flying.
Above the clouds I had the chance to watch „La La Land“. I can definitely recommend this movie. It was very emotional and kind of a musical – but not trashy at all. If you like „Butterfly Effect“ or „The Great Gatsby“ this will be probably your movie, too!

Entry, Immigration and Jimi Hendrix

British Airways plan in Heathrow
The huge British Airways plane
But there is another thing I am worried about: the border control. I've heard weird things about strict officers and interrogations. I've got a B2 Visa (it allows you to stay for more than 90 days) and I was told that they always have lots of questions and sometimes the entry fails. No matter what kind of Visa you have, the officers in the US decide if they let you in or not - and they don't even need a special reason.


In the end there is relief: My officer only askes me why I need so much time for my trip and I explain it politely. Then I get the stamp – and I'm in!
As good as everything is running so far, something has to go wrong. It happenes down in the metro system. Or in the metro itself. Whatever. I am lost in it. I'm taking the wrong trains in the wrong direction and the area is becoming shady. I have no phone reception, I'm tired, I have to carry my entire luggage and so I start to panic. But then a kind man from the Caribbean (round about 50 years) with dreadlocks is coming in and helping me to find my way back on the right line. We are starting to talk about art, New York and Jimi Hendrix. I'm so happy he is simply there. Moreover, he helps me with my luggage and I finally find my train. He wants no money and he is not strange. Just a kind helping hand. I'm impressed.

Tokyo from above

Jetlag with Pink Floyd

Brooklyn, New York, street scenery
My hood in Brooklyn
Meanwhile my host is sitting on the street in front of his building in Brooklyn waiting for me. I'm shouting „sorry“ a hundred times but he is still relaxed. I'm so on the ropes that I tell him about German punctuality with probably terrible grammar but he doesn’t care. He takes me to the next supermarket and we check if my plastic works to buy some food. It does. He is really kind and at 9 pm I'm falling into sleep.
Not funny – the next day at 3 am I wake up again – because in Germany it is 9 am and my brain is telling my body “Ready to get up!” I try to read a book and listen to Pink Floyd but nothing helps. So I chat wit  friends in Germany until 5 am. What’s up next? I’m going to tell you soon.
Next day NY welcomes me with shitty weather. Thankfully – because it leads to a wonderful first day at a wonderful place.

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