23 Sagrada Família, Barcelona

Do you know descriptions of totally magical and surreal buildings in fantasy novels or movies? That's what the Sagrada Família Basilica in Barcelona, Spain, is like - just for real! The first time I came across it was in Dan Brown's bestseller "Origin". He pictured a completely unbelievable church with a crazy organic-looking facade, unbelievably bright, tall and colorful windows as well as a haunting story about its architect Antoni Gaudí. The basilica is under construction since 1882 and still by far not finished. It is supposed to have 18 spires when it is completed, the tallest will be 560 feet high. We had the chance to see it and go inside on our railtrip through Spain in 2022. It was glorious. It was art. I can't wait until it is finished just to return to see it again.

You will find a detailed article about our impressions and amazement - about the Sagrada Família and Barcelona - right here:

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