17 Kinkaku-ji Temple

Maybe you have already discovered Senso-ji Temple on day 6 of my calendar. Well, here comes another out-of-this-world temple that I was able to visit during my railtrip through Japan in 2017. This is Kinkaku-ji Temple, also known as The Golden Pavillon Temple. It is located in Kyoto and belongs to the Zen Buddhist temples. Although the sun was hiding on the day we went there, the golden facade - made of gold leaf - glowed and radiated a mysterious aura. Just know that it is one of the most famous tourist sites in Japan and people are piling up around it in heaps.

The temple has quite a story because it burned down completely in 1950. A mentally ill novice monk had purposefully set it on fire and then tried to kill himself. He survived, was taken into custody and the temple was rebuilt in 1955.

Curious about more tales and wonderful places from and around Kyoto?

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