14 Chicago

Chicago, you may think - and what exactly in Chicago? That's the thing. Chicago is grand. Altogether. It is an experience in itself. The whole city. When I sat on a bus on my first night in Chicago in 2017, a lady sat next to me and said: "You know, I love New York but my heart belongs to Chicago."

And she was right. Chicago has the charm of an "old" (well, American-old, not European-old) city on the East Coast. It has skyscrapers, parks, the wonderful waterfront of Lake Michigan, fountains, cafés, neon signs, jazz and blues. It is a city to walk through, to stop at and take a river cruise, to eat a burger with blue cheese while listening to live music and to enjoy a coffee or tea after a rainy day with reflecting lights everywhere.

Find out more about the magic I found in this town here:

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