13 Montmartre, Paris

Thanks to movies like "Amélie" Paris has the image of an artsy city with small alleys, galleries and a special charm. Unfortunately, this is not true for large parts of the metropolis . It's just a big city with typical big-city-problems. But there is one neighborhood, which keeps the movie charm up: Montmartre, Paris. It is actually a large hill in the 18th arrondissement and known for its artistic history as well as the beautiful Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur. My favorite place there is the Place du Tertre which I have to visit every time I come to Paris. From the end of the 18th century until World War One, the entire Boheme gathered here: painters, songwriters and poets. Today lots of artists are setting up their easels every day - to paint and to hopefully sell art to tourists. Also, you can find tons of crazy and creative street art.

Walk with me through Montmartre and find out more:

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