12 Partnach Gorge (Klamm)

Bavarians and Austrians have a special word for extremely narrow gorges with overhanging rocks: "Klamm". This is Partnach Klamm and my favorite Klamm / gorge in Germany. It is only 700 m / 2300 ft long, but very dark with light blue raging water and lots of tunnels and little falls. You can walk right along the bottom IN the vertical walls thanks to a few nutcases who carved a path into the gorge over a century ago. I have been there on a solo trip in 2020 and with my boyfriend in 2022 and he was deeply impressed, although he has lots of natural wonders in his own country (United States). Can you imagine that this gorge was already being used by local people in the 18th century who, at risk of their lives, transported firewood on the river?

Find out more about the gorge and other wild places in Bavaria:

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