2 Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park has been our favorite place on our roadtrip through Costa Rica in 2021. It is so remote that you can only reach it by boat or airplane. The small village of Tortuguero has basically only one main road, no cars and a few colorful houses. We stayed in a cabin in a tropical garden and were woken up by the sound of howler monkeys every morning - which sounds like the howl of spooky wind gusts. The National Park contains eleven different habitats like rainforest, mangrove forest, beaches and lagoons. You should consider a hike through the forest along the ocean - yes, the park is right at the Caribbean Sea! - and a canoe ride in the early mornings. We saw caiman, toucans, monkeys and lots of colorful little butterflies and birds. Take a boat ride with us:

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